Installation of saunas

Thermory sauna maintenance

When constructing a sauna, it must be installed with high levels of quality and precision in order to protect the wood’s features and durability. As an organic material, wood also needs regular maintenance to preserve its natural qualities for longer.

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Creative walls and ceilings

Our large range of panels can be installed in a number of ways, depending on the design and the local requirements for a sauna room. Furthermore, every professional has its own best practice.

We have, however, a special range of products, which allow to create really unique patterns and designs: the panels with end matching. They are packed conveniently into boxes and the installation is as easy as with regular wall panels.

End-matched wall boards installation ENG
Juniper panels installation ENG

Quick and easy – bench elements ready-to-install

Anyone who is about to build or renovate a sauna has a choice: either to measure-saw-screw the loose boards or use our ready-made bench elements. By cutting the modules to fit into the sauna room, everyone can easily and quickly design the benches according to its needs and wishes.

Maintenance benches ENG-FIN-EST
Installation bench 90-frontboard ENG-FIN-EST
Installation bench 90 long boards ENG-FIN-EST
Installation bench 108-frontboard ENG-FIN-EST
Installation bench 135-frontboard Radiata pine EST
Installation bench 140-frontboard ENG-FIN-EST
Installation bench 178-frontboard ENG-FIN-EST
Installation bench corner ENG-FIN-EST
Installation bench edge ENG-FIN-EST

Backrests and bench skirts, heater guards and more

Additionally to the benches we offer complete solutions to finish a sauna room in a convenient way. Backrests, bench skirts and arm rests create comfort and add cozier look to your wellness space; whereas heater guards and floor grids are a more practical choice. And movable benches – some of them are especially comfortable and can be used actually anywhere …

Installation backrest ENG-FIN-EST
Installation backrest corner ENG-FIN-EST
Installation bench skirt ENG-FIN-EST
Installation arm rest ENG-FIN-EST
Installation heater guard ENG-FIN-EST
Installation floor grid ENG-FIN-EST
Installation movable bench 140x400x700 FIN
Installation movable bench 28x300x600 FIN

Doors with glazing or panels, for saunas or dry rooms 

A great sauna needs a suitable door: solid and reliable. Our assortment of doors allows you to choose the one you like. Fully glazed or with panels, various types of hinges and handles or even the one with a lovely round Sailor window.

Installation full glass door ENG-FIN-SWE
Installation full glass door Dorma hinges 1 ENG-FIN-SWE
Installation full glass door Dorma hinges 2 ENG-FIN-SWE
Installation Steam door ENG
Installation interior door ENG
Installation Sailor door FI